Performance Settings

  1. Swipe the toggle left to right to adjust the percentage of the Overall Grade that Evaluations/Academics will reflect 
  2. Evaluation Types are used when performing evaluations. This ability to create Evaluation Types with an associated Weight makes calculating an overall grade much easier. 
    1. Enter the Evaluation Type
    2. Enter the Weight that will be associated  to  this Type
    3. Click Save
    4. Click the Edit icon to edit a Type
    5. Click the De-Activate icon to de-activate a Type 
      • For example: "Finals" can be De-Activated during regular training and can be "Activated" just prior to "Finals" day. This will ensure instructors are not inadvertently selecting the wrong Evaluation Type. 

        f. Click the Delete icon to delete a Type 

  3. Academic Types are used when assigning exams. This ability to create Academic Types with an associates Weight makes calculating an overall grade much easier.

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