Manipulative Scores

  1. Click here to open the Search Filters 
    1. Search Filters allows you to search by Skill, Section, Subject, All Scores, Students, Teams, Staff, Evaluation Type, Date Range, Tags, If the score has a video, and Repetition counts.
  2. Click here to print the scores by checking the box next to each score.
  3. Click here to view the Skill Sheet and video
    1. By clicking this drop-down the name of the students who was evaluated if the wrong student was selected
    2. By clicking this drop-down the names of the Evaluator who performed the evaluation if the wrong one was selected
    3. This drop-down allows you to change the Evaluation Type
    4. This drop-down allows the date of the evaluation to be changed
    5. Allows the locations to be added or changed
    6. Click on "Attach Video to Score" to add a video to a skill sheet post
    7. This box is checked by default, which grants access to the students to view their video
    8. By clicking this checkbox, this video is linked to this Skills Associated Documents and a copy is saved in the Modules Documents
    9. By clicking this icon, the link to this video is copied to the clipboard allowing it to be pasted as a link back to this video
    10. By clicking this icon, the video will be downloaded to your computer
    11. By clicking this icon, the video will be deleted
    12. If a step was scored incorrectly the score can be updated by clicking the drop-down and selecting the correct score
    13. Here Staff can add Notes to the Skill Sheet post submission
    14. Here Students comments or notes will be seen
    15. Clicking here you can edit the applied signature
    16. By clicking here the entire score and video will be deleted
    17. Be sure if any changes are made to a Skill sheet to click here to ensure all changes have been saved

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