1. By clicking + New Taskbook, you can start setting up a Taskbook

a. Enter the Taskbook name here

b. Add any Descriptions here

c. Attach any Documents here

d. Toggle on to Allow Student Access

e. Add the Signatures which will be required for each Task in this Taskbook

f. Add Completion Codes here (this is Optional) 

g. Click Save All once you are ready to start adding your Subjects and Tasks

2. Click the Rank Requirements Taskbook to start adding Subjects and Tasks

3. Click + ADD SUBJECT

4. Enter the Subject Name and click Save and Continue to Tasks 

5. Click Add Task to start building each task.

a. A Standard Task is one in which the user will need to acquire signatures in order for this Task to be passed off.

b. A Skill Task is one in which the user must perform and show proficiency in a Skill by doing via the Taskbook or attacking a Skill that they have already performed.      

6. Click Student Progress Overview to see the Progress of each Student that has been Initiated in this Taskbook

7. Click Initiate Student to add Student to this Taskbook

8. Click Preview Entire Taskbook to see an Overview and or the Progress of the Taskbook

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