1. By clicking +New Exam you can start creating a new Exam.
    1. Enter the Exams Name here.
    2. Enter the Total Points
    3. Apply a Time Limit to this Exam if necessary
    4. Check this box if you would like the questions on this exam to be Randomized when it is assigned
    5. Add any Categories you wish to apply this Exam here
    6. Enter the Question here
    7. Check this box if this question will be an Extra Credit Question
    8. Select which Question Type will be applied to this question (True/False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Essay) 
    9. If this question will be weighted differently then the other question it can be changed here
    10. Add any Categories you wish to apply to this question. It is important to add Categories to each question so it is easier to find them in the Question Bank.
    11. Click here to Add a New Question
    12. Click here to Add a New Question from the Question Bank
    13. Click Save when done
  2. Click here to Import Exams from other Programs or Modules
  3. Click here to select Questions from the Question Bank
  4. Click here to filter through all of the Tags
  5. Type here to Search through all of the Exams
  6. Click here to view the Exam
  7. By clicking here, you can Edit this Skill if the Skill is not locked. Skills are locked from making Edits once the Skill has a score associated with it or if the Skill is being used by another Module in your Program.
  8. Click here to Duplicate the Skill
  9. Click here to Remove the Skill from the Module if the Skill has not been used
  10. Click here to Archive an Exam no longer needed in the Module.
  11. Click here to Delete the Skill if the Skill has no scores and is not being used by another Module

Question Types:

Information Only: This is used to all a title or any information before a question set. 


  1. Select the Correct Answer (True or False) 


  1. Select the Correct Answer (Agree or Disagree)


  1. Select the Correct Answer (Yes or No)

Fill in the Blank:

  1. Click 'Insert Blank' when you are ready to add the blank to the question. 
  2. Enter as many Correct Answers which may apply to the question

Multiple Choice:

  1. Select a Mulitple Choice Type 
  2. By checking this box the answers to the question will be Randomized when assigned
  3. Click the Incorrect icon next to the Correct answer
  4. Click here to add an additional answer Option

One thru Ten:

  1. Select the Correct Answer (1-10)

Short Answer/Essay:

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