The Documents section is where you will store and share your PDF, Video, and Image files with your Staff and Students.

  1. By clicking Manage you can:
    1. Create new folder names by typing in the name of the new folder followed by clicking the Create button.
    2. Here you can either add a file by clicking the +Add Files button or by dragging and dropping no more than 10 files at a time. 
  2. By clicking Filters you can find individual documents by File Name, Type, and Accessibility.
  3. By clicking on this section, you can quickly jump to different folders or subfolders. 
  4. After you have selected files by checking the box to the left of the file you can move the selected file to the desired folder of your choosing. You can also bulk delete files after you have selected them by clicking the Delete Selected Files button. 
  5. Display Filters allow you to see All Folders or Files. You can also filter to see those folders or files flagged for Students or Staff. 
  6. Here you will see the names of all the folders and files.
  7. By checking the empty boxes, you can grant Access for Staff and Students to either view/upload to folders or have Access to view files.
  8. By clicking here, you can download this file
  9. By clicking here, you can see more information about this file (Size, Date, Uploader, and If the file is Associated to a Skill or Taskbook etc.)
  10. By clicking here, you can edit a folder or file name.
  11. By clicking here, you can delete a folder or file

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