Student Overview

  1. By clicking the +New Members button, you can add additional Students as needed.
  2. Clicking here allows you to Import Users from the Organization who have already been added. 
  3. By clicking Print, you can print the class list.
  4. Clicking here will resend all Members selected an invite email
  5. When a Members's name is checked, their status can be updated by selecting this dropdown.
  6. After you have selected the desired status, click update status
  7. If a Members needs to be removed from a Module, check the box next to their name and click Remove Member. 
  8. Clicking View allows you to see the Students Profile
    1. By clicking here, you can resend the invite email to this specific student. 
    2. The Student can also be Removed from this.
    3. The Student Module Profile information is added under (Settings > Module Member Profiles). 
    4. By clicking here, the assignments assigned to this Student can be viewed.
    5. By clicking here, the Manipulative Scores associated with this student can be viewed. 
    6. By clicking here, the Academic Scores associated with this student can be viewed. 
    7. By clicking here, the forms associated with this student can be viewed. 
    8. By clicking here, you can see all of this specific student's Notes that have been added by Staff members about this student. (These are not visible to Students)

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