Creating New Calendar Events and an Overview

  1. Click on the + New Event button to start creating a new event 
    1. Add the Calendar Event Name here.
    2. Select the Start Date and Time
    3. Select the End DateTimes for the Event.
    4. Here you can add a Description if desired, this is not required. 
    5. Select Category. (These are added under Class Options)
    6. Select the Location. (These are added under Class Options)
    7. Add a Skill if it is needed for this New Event. (Skills are created under the Skills Section)
    8. Add Documents by checking the boxes next to the Document you would like to add. 
    9. Check the Enable box to make this Event Recurring.
      • These can only be repeated weekly.
      • Select the End Date of this Event.
      • Select the Days of the week you would like this Event to be repeated. 
    10. Check the Enable box to Duplicate this Event.
      • Add the Title of the event, if different 
      • Select the Date you wish for this Event to be Duplicated
      • Select new Start and End Times related to this Duplicated EventCheck the Enable box to Track Staff members. 
    11. Check the Enable box to Track Staff and attach them to this event
      • Select the Staff members that will be involved with this Event
      • If additional staff members are required the number can be added to the Event here.
    12. Save the Event.
  2. Click the arrows to switch between months
  3. Click Print if you would like to print your Calendar
  4. Here are your Visibility Filters. If you click each one the Calendar view will change. Showing you the events only created for Admin, Staff, or Students
  5. Click month, week, or day to view the Calendar in these specific views. 
  6. Click the Key icon to view what the color categories on the Calendar represent. By default, the color is blue.
  7. Click the cloud icon to begin an export of your Evals calendar.
    1. Click Create link or Recreate if you need a new link
    2. Copy link
    3. Open the external calendar program
    4. Click Add Calendar, or + dependent on calendar provider
    5. Select the option From Internet or From URL
    6. Click OK and your calendar should now sync to your external calendar
    7. You may wish to take a moment and name your new calendar EVALS for easy identification

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